Customized Headjoints

silver headjoint

Handcrafted flute headjoints by Rodger W. Young are now available upon request. The design features of this headjoint incorporate a traditional parabolic bore with a modern lip plate design. We carve the embouchure holes entirely by hand. The embouchure design includes undercutting for tonal shading and overcutting for rapid base of movement throughout the registers.

There are four different styles of embouchure hole cut:

  1. Standard, Cooper-style undercut
  2. More pronounced Cooper-style undercut
  3. Lesser undercut with sharper blowing wall (easier high register)
  4. Lesser undercut with steeper blowing wall (offers lots of resistance and brighter sound)

Hand carving guarantees that each headjoint is unique and that matching one to your flute can produce surprising results.

Assorted headjoints

We offer a range of materials including silver, gold, nickel and stainless steel.

Our Most Popular

Wooden headjoint

The exotic hardwood model, with silver parts. Experience a rich new sound in a traditional style head joint.

Flute Headjoint Prices

A handcrafted nickel headjoint with silver plating is a rare find. The same exacting detail goes into this model as in the other precious metal models listed below, but at a fraction of the cost — a good economy for a headjoint with a slightly brighter sound that will help you achieve your highest potential.

Nickel silver-plated $  900.00
Sterling Silver $1800.00
Sterling tube and riser with stainless steel $1800.00
Sterling tube and lip plate, 14k gold riser $2600.00*
Sterling tube, 10k gold riser and lip plate $3100.00*
Sterling tube, 14k gold riser and lip plate $3850.00*
Exotic hardwood $1875.00

* May vary depending on market price of gold

lip plate closeup

lip plate closeup

Return Policy

Flute headjoints can be returned within one week as long as the headjoint is undamaged. The buyer must pay in advance.

Exchanges can be made upon request, within 30 days.

All work is warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship, for a period of one year.

It is our hope that one of my headjoints will be just right for you. Contact Sarah Hollandsworth at J.L. Smith & Co. for assistance in choosing the right headjoint from my latest collection.