Instrument Repair

Rodger Young Musical Instrument Repair is committed to giving the performer personal service, truthful assessment of costs and a reasonable turnaround time, using the most effective repair techniques available.

Our customers frequently call upon us just for advice. Rodger Young holds a professional degree in woodwind performance with an emphasis in instrument repair and has vast experience in performing, teaching and repairing. Rodger is a certified Straubinger™ installer and offers the most advanced pad replacement materials on the market today. Please request information on the pads you would like installed in your instrument.

Our ability to create custom key designs allows us to accommodate special needs for our customers as requested.


thumbrstYour instrument can be improved by regular checkups, complete rebuilding to restore to new condition and modification of parts for better performance.


Some of our part modifications include key work and thumb rests. These custom adaptations allow for better hand positions. A sample of a thumb rest and key extension are shown here.


sax11Our overhauls include a complete teardown, cleaning and polishing, refitting mechanisms, removing dents, checking tolerances, new pads and bumpers, fitting joints, regulation and oiling. Lacquering and plating restoration for saxophones provided upon request for extra charge.

It’s impractical to give an itemized list of repair prices, but here are some of our current overhaul prices.

Flute Overhaul Prices



Student flute – closed hole model $ 450 $ 50
Student flute – open hole model $ 630 $ 50-100
Professional Model $ 1300 $ 120-200

Piccolo Overhaul Prices



Student plastic model  $ 360 $ 50-90
Student wood model $ 585 $ 50-90
Professional model $ 720 $ 90-125

Clarinet Overhaul Prices



Student plastic model $ 360 $ 50
Student wood model $ 585 $ 75-100
Professional model (standard mechanism) $ 900 $ 100-130
Professional model (partial Straubinger™ pads) $ 900 $ 140
Professional model (full Straubinger™ pads) $ 900 $ 155
Green composite (Buffet) $ 630 $ 100
Green composite (partial Straubinger™ pads) $ 630 $ 140
Green composite (full Straubinger™ pads) $ 630 $ 155

Saxophone Repair Prices



 Student model repad (alto/soprano) $ 720 $ 90
 Student model repad (tenor)  $ 900 $ 125
 Student model repad (bari) $ 1080 $ 140
 Professional model repad (alto/soprano) $ 1080 $ 130-200
 Professional model repad (tenor) $ 1260 $ 150-250
 Professional model repad (bari) $ 1440 $ 200-300

Overhaul prices with lacquer or plating given on request.

Shop labor rate is $90/hour.
Shipping prices vary from $50-$150 insured.
Other prices and estimates upon request.

Miscellaneous repairs frequently performed:

  • Clean oil & adjust all instruments
  • Spring replacements all instruments
  • Saxophone neck overhauls
  • Wooden headjoint servicing
  • Headjoint remakes with new lip plate and riser
  • Replace knockout pins on flute mechanism
  • Replace/upgrade worn mechanical parts
  • Restoration of antique instruments
  • Recut flute embouchure hole
  • High E facilitator for flutes

Each instrument is tested before it leaves the shop to ensure it meets our high standards.

Please Contact Us to schedule an appointment for servicing.