Exotic Wood Headjoints

wood head jointOur most popular head joint: the exotic hardwood model, with silver parts*. This head joint can be easily adapted to most metal flutes. Some custom sizing may be required to make it fit your flute.

We love working with wonderful materials that produce such a rich appearance and pleasing results. We currently offer the following wood selections:

  • African black wood
  • Granadillo
  • Ausubo
  • Macassar ebony
  • Kingwood
  • Honduran rosewood
  • Brazilian rosewood (limited availability)

selection of wood head jointsWe offer the choice of a heavy wall style or thin wall with raised lip plate. All wood bodies are one piece, with no insets. The embouchure hole can be either square or elliptical — both are very responsive.

*Tenon, rings and cork plate are sterling silver.